Hello World!
Hello World! 

I'm Annie, the Everyday Sensory Mom. I blog, do all the mom things, and run my own business as a Mindful Living Consultant. 🌱

I am on a mission to empower other parents like me to cultivate mindfulness, live naturally, and prioritize self-care while simultaneously raising children with complex needs. 

Whoa lady... those are some lofty and seemingly incompatible goals, aren't they? 

You'd think so, but not so much!

I know we're busy parents and are lacking in extra time and energy. However, I've actually found that those things are not only possible, but they logically make sense and can be worked into an existing rhythm pretty easily. 

Stick around because I'm going to show you how, starting with one surprise resource today!

But wait... I'm not super crunchy... you might be thinking. 

That's okay! I'm not the crunchy parent police. 

Every single term I've used- mindfulness, natural living, self-care, and complex needs can all be defined by you, where you are in life right now.

Maybe you eat all of your meals at home, maybe you mostly eat out, your cleaning products could be the traditional ones you grew up with, you could be someone who makes their own cleaning products, your kids might go to public school, your kids might be unschoolers, you might have a kiddo with food allergies or a physical disability or maybe behavioral issues, etc. 

No matter where you are, you will be met with compassion and understanding in this space. 

For the record, I'm terrible at keeping my own secrets. I have something for you, the surprise I mentioned earlier. Well, that was meant to be a surprise for the end of next week, but it just seems so wrong to keep it to myself so here it is!

I created an inclusive community for us at Everyday Sensory Life! It's a real, judgement-free zone (I'm 100% serious) for parents of kids with complex needs to hang out, swap tips, and share resources. Go ahead and click the above image to join in!

Sorry, not sorry, if my Hello World title got the song Cherry Bomb by The Runaways stuck in your head, or if you got the sudden urge to watch Guardians of the Galaxy. 😉