Energetic Bodies Part 1: The Physical Body

Energetic Bodies Part 1: The Physical Body
I'm Annie and this is Part 1 of 4 in a new series I'm working on. I'm a registered 200 hour yoga teacher and am also currently enrolled in 300 hour yoga teacher training. In yoga, we acknowledge that everyone has four energetic bodies: the physical body, the intellectual (mental) body, the emotional body, and the spiritual body. You may have heard these bodies as the acronym PIES or PEMS. 

I often begin my private yoga classes by asking my students how they are feeling in each of the four energetic bodies. They rate their feeling on a scale of 1-10, and then we discuss ways that could help them feel more supported in each body. I'm going to walk you through how to do it and you'll be able to consider how it might benefit you now, as well as over time. 

You're welcome to print and use this worksheet.
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This post is going to focus on the physical body. If I asked you, how would you rate how you are feeling right now in your physical body on a scale of 1-10, 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest? Try to answer without thinking too much, using the first number that pops into your head. Based on your answer, do you think you're struggling, surviving, or thriving in your physical body?

No matter your answer, it's okay. Try not to judge yourself or label your physical body based on the answer. This is simply a tool to bring your attention to focus. I invite you to continue reading to learn what you might do with this new information. 

Now that your attention is focused on your physical body, what could you do right now to feel better or more supported? Maybe you need a snack or a drink of water. Maybe you've been sitting for too long and need to get up and stretch or take a dance break. Maybe something else. 

Pause reading and go do it! I'll still be here when you get back. 😉

Once you've done that, how do you feel? Try rating your physical body again. Did your number go up, down, or stay the same? Why do think that is?

Consider something you could do over the next week, the next month, and over the next year to support and nourish your physical body. Maybe your body needs more sleep, or more nutrient-dense food, or something else. 

What do you think will happen if you do that thing? 

What do you think would happen over time if you made a habit out of checking in with your physical body in this way?

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  1. I'd like to acknowledge that my process married the teachings of two of my mentors. One is Michelle Young founder of My Vinyasa Practice, where I completed my 200 hour yoga teacher training and am currently enrolled in 300 hour yoga teacher training. The second is Jennifer Lyall who frequently does workshops on checking your "inner battery" and I highly recommend attending if you have the opportunity. 
  2. Psst... This is what Shadow Work and Inner Work look like in practice. ✨
  3. I am a yoga teacher, not a medical professional. Please always seek professional advice from your primary care provider or other appropriate medical professional if changing your diet or trying new exercise.