Eating Together... Or Not
Food. Yeah, that stuff.

I wish that I had a magic formula that I could share with you to make it all easier, but I don't. 

Having sensory processing difficulties can make mealtime rough. When you add in food allergies and sensitivities, dietary restrictions for health issues, and different eating schedules... everything becomes even crazier, but it's manageable.

Between the 4 of us, we have one person on a high protein/low grain diet, another on a low histamine diet, another limiting their exposure to meat and dairy on a higher carb diet, and one who just recently decided to completely change everything they enjoy eating. My husband and I both do intermittent fasting too, but he's up with the sun and I'm a late riser.

All of this stuff combined means that we're eating at different times and all preparing totally different types of food. Eating as a family does not happen often, and that's okay! It's what works best for us.  

These are some of the things I've done to make mealtime easier:

  • We all make our own shopping lists of things we want or need before anyone goes to the store.
  • When possible, Gemma and Linda come to the store or market and help with their shopping lists. This also encourages them to pick out new things.
  • The kids have their own personal cups and certain utensils to encourage them to stay hydrated and eat.
  • Our kiddos each have their own personalized chair.
  • I created a Pinterest account that's just for the stuff my kids send to me so I know what they're interested in trying. 
  • Everyone has their own dedicated refrigerator and panty space. 
  • We've been working on getting the kiddos to be more independent about preparing their own food, and they help in the kitchen frequently. 
Did that first image totally fool you?? I promise that I'm not going to show you stuff that feels impossibly unattainable. I'm not a Pinterest perfect mom (if you are, that's awesome!) and I want to keep the things I share relatable and real.

If you want more tips or support, our inclusive community of parents would love to have you!

*I feel like this should go without saying, but I'm not a medical professional and this post should not be used as medical advice. If you need more help with food, we've had great results with Occupational Therapy, as well as with a Nutritional Therapist. As always, do what works best for your family!