Spring Changes
👀 You're going to be seeing some changes around here. 

First and Foremost 
My focus is shifting. You're going to see much more content on living mindfully and a lot less about sensory issues. I'll still occasionally talk about my own sensory sensitivities, but it won't be as often. 

I'll be updating the site to reflect the shift and to showcase new content! The colours will likely be updated, along with fonts. Everything will still be pretty. 😉

What exactly will you be seeing on the new and improved site? New blog posts on goal setting, slowing down, letting go of the feeling that we need to "hustle" all the time... 
I'll also be hosting *workshops, teaching yoga classes, and talking about living in tune with the Earth's seasons and cycles of Her Moon. 

*Look for one soon on Mindful Goal Setting- using the Moon!